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Organizational Standards

Web-Based System

    Under the block grant framework established in the CSBG Act, States have both the authority and the responsibility for effective oversight of eligible entities that receive CSBG funds. In order for States to meet these responsibilities under the CSBG Act, States must establish and communicate clear and comprehensive standards, and hold eligible entities accountable according to the Standards as part of their oversight duties.

    Paul Consulting Group has created a system with the tools necessary to complete Organizational Standards in an efficient and well organized manner, eliminating the large amounts of documents received through traditional mail. With this new system, Agencies will now have the capability to track and manage imported documents from their clients in an organized, paperless way.


Field Assessment Guides

CSBG Organizational Standards


CSBG Organizational Standards
CSBG Organizational Standards

Simplify the



  • Web-based


  • Website and data secured through encryption


  • Easy to use (States and supported agencies)


  • Quick Setup


  • Inexpensive

Recent Successes

" This system has significantly reduced the overall costs and staff review time related to processing Field Assessment Guides." 

-Jean Amison, CCAP, FCCM

CSBG/LIHEAP Program Manager

State of Florida - Department of Economic Opportunity


Paul Consulting Group

535 John Knox Road

Tallahassee, FL 32303


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