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  • Electronic Document Management for all Federally funded Agencies.

    • Audit History

    • PDF Standardization

    • Associate an Agency Document to Multiple Standards


  • Tracks a myriad of Agency documents that ensure systematic approaches for collecting, analyzing, and reporting for all participation categories:


  1. Consumer Input and Involvement

  2. Community Engagement

  3. Community Assessment

  4. Organizational Leadership

  5. Board Governance

  6. Strategic Planning

  7. Human Resource Management

  8. Financial Operations and Oversight

  9. Data and Analysis


  • Ensure Adherence to CSBG Standards

CSBG Organizational Standards Field Assessment Guide

Calendar of Actions

The Calendar of Actions determines how frequently a Standard's document is required based on the documents effective date. If a document's effective date falls within a standards Calendar of Actions, it will automatically be imported from an Agencies most recent Field Assessment Guide when they create a new one for the upcoming Fiscal Year. 

  • The Calendar of Required Actions categories:

    •  Annual 

      • Maintained

      • More Frequent than Annual 

      • As Needed

    • Every 2 years    

    • Every 3 years

    • Every 5 years

Calendar of Action.PNG
Entity Requirements.PNG

Enitity Requirements

Users can now designate requirements for public and nonprofit agencies, making it easier to keep track of the different deadlines.

Case Notes

With this tool an employee can create Agency notes, with a dropdown menu to specify standards and a category. The case notes also provide the viewer with the date created and who created the note.

Case Notes.PNG

Help Desk

Provides in-depth instructions of what each Organizational Standard requires and what documents will satisfy that standard based on CSBG standards. It can be accessed when clicking on an Organizational Standard hyperlink.

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