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 With advance filters, collapsible sections, deadlines, and a status section, the Organizational Standards system is easy to maneuver and manage when uploading documents for different Standards under the Field Assessment Guide portal.

  •  Extraction Fields: When an employee chooses a Subrecipient profile in the Field Assessment Guide they will have the option to export into PDF, Excel and print, creating a simpler way to generate reports and store files.

  • Audit History: The system will provide users with a tracking history of who created changes, what changes they made, and when they made that change.

  • Field Guide Assessment Queue (All Subrecipients): Subrecipient master tracking list of all Agencies, providing whether the submission was done by a User or Auto-submitted, and status updates consisting of: 

    • Statuses: Subrecipient receive system notifications during every status change.

      •  Submitted: Agency submitted documents into Field Assessment Guide.

      • Pending: Agency has not yet approved the submission.

      • Reviewed: Agency member is reviewing documents submitted.

      • Approved: Documents submitted are approved. 

      • Denied: If one document isn’t correct the entirety of the submission is denied. Users reviewing the document can issue a TAP (Technical Assistance Plans, see next bullet), which will give the Agency a window to fix and resubmit the denied document.

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