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Other Uploads

Electronic Management System

  • One of the most efficient features of the Organizational Standard system is the Subrecipient now has the option to upload a document to satisfy multiple standards, reducing the number of duplicates.

  • The system also carries a white list of file types accepted by the user, eliminating uploads of unwanted and unused file types. The current white list requires PDF only, but it carries the capability to add and remove other file types.

  • With the capability to use one document to satisfy multiple Standards, the option of indicating page numbers was added. Subrecipients can now give exact page numbers in the document that correlates to the Standard it satisfies, making it easier for  users to find specific information without analyzing hundreds of pages.

  • An effective date is supplied for every document uploaded, making it easier for Users and Subrecipients to see which items need to be updated or resubmitted based on the expiration.

Technical Assistance Plan

Can be issued when a Standard is not met for the first time. This gives the agency a correction period. The TAP will outline the actions the Agency must take, as well as the time-frame for the correction.

Federal Fiscal Year with expanded fields_edited_edited.png
Federal Fiscal Year with expanded fields_edited.png

Quality Improvement Plans

Can be issued for any repeat Standard not met. The QIP will outline the actions the agency must take, as well as the time-frame for the correction.

Generated Emails

Both the State and Agency receive email notifications whenever documents are uploaded, approved, denied, or a Technical Assistance Plans (TAP) or Quality Improvement Plans (QIP) has been issued. Users are notified to login to the system for more information as the action takes place.

Email Permissions.PNG

Carry Over Data

PCG created the capability to transfer Subrecipient Organizational Standards from previous years to the new year, removing expired data, making it easier to refill applications.

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